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07 African celebrities using skin whitening

ATTENTION: bleaching the skin represents a real danger to health

Still shocking a few years ago, cosmetic brands specialized in skin whitening are multiplying and are never short of customers who assert themselves and assume more and more, hence the multiplicity of types of whitening skins: mixed complexion, complexion banana, yellow, brown, white … it goes. While it is true that the services are varied, the fact remains that prices vary depending on the range, basically it is luxury to truly destroy the skin, become a real fashion phenomenon. Black girls may not be able to move to the market soon if they remain resistant to « djansan » 🤣.

As you know many star are making more and more use of skin whitening become a real fashion phenomenon; acculturation, lack of self-confidence or fad? only the concerned can really answer it. The most surprising thing is that they lend themselves once the success is achieved, it is to wonder what did not work? to say that these people adored by young people are role models.

It is important to remember that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 27% of women are stripped in Togo; 59% in Senegal and 77% in Nigeria, figures alarming however the Ivory Coast is out of the lot by prohibiting the sale of products brightening what is already a step towards a battle that turns tough against opponents tenacious.

So here are 07 celebrities who resorted to the severe bleaching of the skin, so impossible to hide even if some still deny the evidence proof that they are aware that this practice is to be pitied. Some accuse the make-up of other photos retouchent that seems to make clear non-stop (laugh)

While hoping that they find their account in their « djansan » or « monchon » as nicknamed the jovi artist, you will see and judge yourself the result do not forget to leave your opinion in comment.

1- The Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson


She owes her fame to her beautiful performances as a Hollywood actress and gollywoodienne, as well as its size of 1.80m which does not go unnoticed, it is at this moment dreaming more than one part through the 7th art. a talented and beautiful black-skinned business woman, she realizes the impossible because she plays her roles with majesty, she blends so well with the character she embodies that one comes to wonder if she was born in a room of cinema, all his roles are going to delight him more than a talent is a gift.

However, we can only be positive, about her skin color problem that for some time it is considerably clearer compared to her first appearances on stage or she had an ebony color she wore so well ; but which over the years turns to white.

From then on, the color of her skin shows that she is depigmenting herself, allegations that the actress rejects from top to bottom: « Do I look like someone who whitens his skin? people need to know that the images we broadcast on social networks or on TV are processed. I have not whitened my skin, I do not intend to do it « says Yvonne Nelson in the face of criticism regarding its skin color.

To say that before the images were thus not well treated hence its ebony color.

2- The Nigerian actress Thelma O’Kaz

Thelma O’Kaz

Nollywood actress, Thelma O’Kaz is severely bleached skin and risk squarely the color transparent at this pace. In a recent campaign against the use of whitening creams, Nigerian doctors have warned users about the deterioration of the skin with these products, which range up to a million, to say that you pay enough to destroy your melanin. which is the originality of the Africans, it is better to prevent than to cure even if it is strong to note that many actresses nollywoodiennes spend there thus losing their essence being seduced by a fashion phenomenon at the risk of their health. In view of the pictures before and after we do not wonder at all why the site « » said that it is white as the ghost Casper.




3- Dencia the social buzz of social networks


From her real name Repose Sonkey, this young Nigerian has depigmented her profession by creating her special cream to whiten her black skin and her CEO. That means we really gave up on our culture and our heritage instead of being declared.

Despite the dreadful consequences related to skin whitening such as: skin burns, rashes, abrasions … lightening creams are selling like small pains; Many creams fill the mercury (substance toxic to the skin because it can also stop the production of melanin, it does not remain less than mercury is a toxic substance), agents can cause cancer of the liver, kidneys as well as leukemia. Nevertheless, these risks are no obstacle for the increasingly blooming skin industry, a multi-billion dollar company in the world.


4- The Kenyan actress Vera sidika

Vera Sidika

Famous TV personality, Vera Sidika Mung’Asia who appeared in our top 8 most curved women in Africa. Is a well-known TV and social media character in Kenya; Kenya’s Kim Kardashian says in 2018 she spent $ 170,000 in bleaching products, she’s a real buzz professional in social networking who knows how to get her talking; she has openly talked about her skin lightening subject taboo in Kenya where this practice is most often clandestine « I do what I want my body (…) be pretty is my business, » she said, letting know she has been more successful since her laundering, the origin of her fortune remains mixed although it does not shrink from any luxury. His operation to get his new skin color was done in the United Kingdom and had cost about $ 170,000. This leaves us to wonder about the question of identity, despite the fact that it is in the field of health that the subject is raging because unlike it many skin whiten but do not have as important to do so ; hence the use of products containing banned substances such as hydroquinone or cortisone to resemble their beloved star. We are witnessing a real identity crisis.


The famous Kenyan decided to stop bleaching her skin and return to her basic black color she also share a new post from her recently with her skin much darker than accustomed captioned; « Never be defined by your past … it’s just a lesson, not a life is good to be back !!! black does not crack …  » Nigerian actress Beverly Osu, known for her stubborn condemnation of depigmentation, congratulated him on this brave decision: « Welcome back, Boo … super proud of you for that ».

5- Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh

tonton dikeh

Nigerians know that the actress converted into a singer is one of the customers of whitening creams because we have seen her gone from her initial complexion to blonde enough to question herself; nevertheless, the actress musician Tonton affirms in one of her interviews that she does not bleach the skin because it is done when one does not like her complexion and she says she loved her complexion however, she noted that she uses products to change her skin texture and she has nothing against a practice of its kind, she also said that the lightening is harmful to the skin but if it is well done it is without worries. If one sticks to the paraphrases of his remarks Somewhat contradictory one goes to the evidence that it is for the depigmentation of the skin; even if it is unacknowledged the photos speak for themselves and its current skin color is the proof, on Google we will find that its difference of colors on different photos is striking and that it has nothing to do with lighting, make-up or photo effect.

Fingers crossed so that she does not make these products her meal at the risk of turning transparent 🤣.

6- The South African singer Mshoza


From her real name Nomasonto Mnisi, Mshoza was one of the first women in the « Kwaito » industry once reserved for men. Married and happy in the household financially sheltered from the need it remains nonetheless that she is a very complexed woman after having resorted to a rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation and a dentition completely redone, she answers the question of the skin whitening by these lines: « I was black for 30 years; I wanted to know what it was like to be white to see. I find it sad that people who wear wigs, fake nails … dare to judge me. Our people have been bleaching their skin for decades and suddenly this is considered a rejection of themselves.

She says that before she was forced to use the foundation exponentially because of its spots on the skin; she says she was inspired by Mickael Jackson who is done again so she does not see why she could not afford this luxury too. She claims that her new appearance does not disturb her husband, let alone her children and that if they made the same decision she would not be at all shocked. To say that hydroquinone has been completely banned in South Africa because of many skin diseases; it seems that the adepts stop at nothing and the restrictions seem to awaken their passions even more.

7-Mani Bella Cameroonian singer of bikutsi

mani bella

From her real name Véronique Mani Bella, the one we all know as Mani Bella’s artist is really musically known in 2014 through her song « Pala Pala » which makes the audience vibrate and gives her impose on the music scene. Young, beautiful, bright and dynamic are his qualifiers. However, she was very quickly seduced by the disease of female artists: depigmentation; known in Cameroon under the name « Djansan » is how she quickly went from black to yellow, yellow to white and white she was close to the transparent and it is without counting on the support of his fans who do not Each of his publications failed to indicate their discontent with his « djansatization » as it is said in Cameroon; the Pala Pala woman was lynched at every turn by her followers who found her ugly with her complexion of borrowing than the original one, that’s how the little video posted by her to say hello to her fan is ended by a merciless lynching on his skin color, we had comments such as: « too transparent in 2 years we will not even see you »; « Hmm, you’re already white huh Mani Bella »; « The Zion of Michael Jackson » and a really very angry it seems; « Look at that frankly. What are these whiteness stories there? but you do not see that it does not suit you in the end? do you want to compare that to what you were before? Beautiful black ebony! It’s truly sad… « . In view of these comments it is clear to the fact that his fans did not like at all its almost transparency, which probably could not leave indifferent as it makes you believe because a star without a fan is pure mess.


Our Pala Pala woman has become a new ambassador for depigmentation because she now declares war on « djansan »; what seemed futile finally paid off (comments, messages and calls from fans who threatened to unsubscribe). She realized that she was spending enough money to destroy her skin, 500,000 FCFA being her budget allocated for depigmentation. « Burnt toes finished ooo. The expenses ended ooo. The destruction of my skin is over! « She said on his official Facebook page, it also raises the awareness of others about the misdeeds of depigmentation: » the natural is the best option that’s all. I do not force anyone to stop. I just sensitize by sharing my experience … « . This is the kind of example that young people need because Man is nothing without his roots, the black color more than a legacy is our African identity with black skin.

After spotting some African figures known to the general public for having bleached the skin, it is to remember that far from encouraging this practice, it is our contribution to the sensibility of this fashion phenomenon become a plague. The black being is a human species in the same way as the others and when we talk about race the black color makes it leave: it is a people, a heritage, a culture, an identity.

It was the top 7 stars having used skin whitening I hope you have « kiffer » do not forget to leave your opinion in comment. A comment + a liking is a source of motivation;

Stay tuned to the site for new news.

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