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Top 8 richest luxury women in Africa

The top 8 richest luxury women in Africa

Hello everyone we are happy to meet you at the end, today we will talk about the eight richest luxury women in Africa. Luxurious women, often called models, are known for loving the beautiful life they often leave on a private trip, go out with stars, wear luxury clothes and in the end expose everything on social networks. Among them there are those who stand out after having acquired a wealth of being a luxury woman, so we present you our top 8 richest women of luxury in Africa.

1- Faith Nkesti $1.2 million

Faith Nkesti
Faith Nkesti

She is a South African model who has been dubbed the queen dupe, we bet that it has to do with her behind supported by her face even more pretty. She is one of the world’s most sought-after filmmakers in Africa, and in South Africa she was born in 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She turned 25 in 2019, at the end of last year she was even invited to Kenya to host a listed show. Fact: she will have been to Davido for a moment in her life, in 2014 she was in love with Davido while he was sharing a photo of him and is making a full debate for now the South African star of instagram is not yet married . But she was honored in rumor about her relationship, her relationship with Davido and her relationship with Marco S.

Rising star and entrepreneur in the event management sector she is also manager of a club, however in July 2018 it was postponed that she will have a new man in her life Tino S. The host of the show morning in Zimbabwe and she will have confirmed in live video on instagram, video that has since been deleted she is also a model whose style and sensual selfies that have earned him a considerable number of fans on the internet. For her studies she is known to have graduated from the University of South Africa. Before leaving the group, she was recognized as a member of a women’s dance team and became a popular hostess in South Africa.

2- Vera Sidika $ 2.5 million

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

I bet that you have all heard of Vera at least after all that goes and come, well we will still present it. Vera Sidika is a 29 year old Kenyan citizen, best known for her curves and skin whitening. All her advertising was updated after appearing in the 2012 B unit single « You Guy, P-unit« , she starred in a Kenyan reality TV show called NAIROBITCH YARI but she stopped in a short time after. She is also one of the entrepreneurs who created the Veetox, a range of slimming tea and Vera beaute Pelo, which as the name suggests is a top beauty parlor game is said she is currently the most socialist controversial Kenya.

Sidika is currently Kenya’s most popular and richest socialist, a former student of Kenyata University who has traveled to many countries to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. credible when Vera travels abroad vera must meet her sponsors to get the best money. Sidika charges around $ 2,500 / hr just to attend an event and has an online clothing store and in 2016 the company won a lucrative contract as a FLAT brand ambassador. She suffered a money laundering operation that earned her the sum of $ 170,000 her net worth is estimated at $ 2.5 million with numerous expensive cars and jewelry Vera is currently driving a BMW X6.

3- Huddah Monroe $ 2 million

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

She became famous after her appearance in Big Brothers Africa in South Africa, she loves to display her little curved belt and call for controversy. However in the last years Huddah is more focused on his company which is developing its range of cosmetic product. Monroe highly controversial can not miss the list of the eight richest women of luxury in Africa, she introduced Kenya to Big Brothers Africa but she was unfortunately one of the first candidates to be eliminated. Her past, she has frequented Kenyan celebrities like Preso and Moustapha to name just those, Huddah owns 16 acres of land where she planted tomatoes, onion, and watermelon for sale. Monroe also drives a pink Range Rover bearing her name on the license plate huddah first occupied a secretary position in an architectural firm immediately after completing high school, but lack of professional qualification the girl was returned.

Huddah then contacted by Kalif Record, and was featured in several video clips the Socialist then ventured into modeling in several commercials and earned a lot of money that she invested in oil company showcases . In addition to being a huddah mundane huddah entrepreneur huddah owns a clothing line called HUDDAH by Vesy and Huddah cosmetics, huddah also serves as an ambassador for the Beverage Beautiful Air brand. Its estimated net worth of two million dollars with cars and jewelry having a great value.

4- Zari Hassan $ 1 million

Zari Hassan

You know for sure the singer Diamond platnumz, you know the Tanzanian artist author you title « Nana » released in 2015 and well the young artist is married to Zari Hassan a businesswoman star social networking events organizer and especially mother of 5 children. Although she moved to Tanzania and South Africa, we find her roots at her 38 year old boss was the wife of the late Yvan Siwanga after which she broke with him and started out with Diamond . And they then broke up, Zari resides in South Africa where she runs several companies Zari Hassan started as a singer, but yet did not continue with her artistic career indeed the girl had been singing since a young age.

In the quest for her dreams the young artist moved to Kampala in 1997 the capital of the country where she was doing karaoke she participated in many competitions and was part of the dance group and it is unmarked as best artist two years in a row. The young artist goes to London to continue her studies and obtains a diploma in cosmology she takes a break in her life of actress always animated by her passion for music.

5- Hamissa Mobetto $ 5.2 million


Mannequin, actress and entrepreneur, Hamissa Mobetto was born in 1994 in Tanzania she is a model and a lady of video in the course of last year she made the headlines because of the baby saga of 12 diamonds it should be clear that the controversy is his middle name.

Hamissa is a mother of two, but she looks nice. In 2011, hamissa participated in Miss india océane where she held the second place in the results, she also participated in miss Africa 2012 where she managed to be in the top 10 she is currently in a relationship with Diamond platnumz who dropped his wife Zari Hassan a few months ago. The two were seen frequently together at several dinners and shows in 2010 she had won the XXL cloud media cloud award while she was still very young.

6- Corazon Kwamboka $ 4.4 million

Kwamboka Corazon
Kwamboka Corazon

She is a Kenyan citizen, a model an entrepreneur and a lawyer she became famous after her half-naked photos began to do the round on the internet. Corazon Kwamboka, the queen of the Nairobi whore, has been talked about since the publication of sexy photos featuring her curves discovered by Kevine Poue. This overnight sensation caused the mouth to drool and shake. We met the former law student at the University of Nairobi, we do not talk about her clear skin but her brain not only got a second class diploma but also joined the Kenyan school of raw. Is it naturally shiny or has its beauty and curves earned it a good rating?

« I have always been an intelligent student since my childhood. In fact I got an A in high school girls« She said. Corazon Kwamboka, a former citizen turned political figure, was admitted to the barrot. Along with 122 lawyers by the Supreme Court President (David Maraga) at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Court of Kenya on November 21, 2016. In a previous interview she said she was considering pursuing the right to entertainment, she also said in another interview that she feared that her seared photos did not prevent her from practicing law. Adding that she used them as a way to promote confidence in herself and encourage women of size to embrace their bodies.

7- Dencia $ 30 million


This is not the most beautiful but the richest, is a singer born in Cameroon and Nigeria who is now an entrepreneur she is the inventor of a lightening cream called whitenicious. Dencia graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design in the USA as a Fashion Associate and Fashion Diploma, a source of rich singer and entrepreneur she started singing at the age of 5, she released her first single beri beri en 2011 produced by DMX. She has other songs The singer began her career as a Vixene in the US She has also appeared in clips of Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and Ludacris.

8- Dillish Mathews $ 2.5 million

Dillish Mathews
Dillish Mathews

For those who do not know her, she is 2013 winner of the big brothers Africa winner she represented Namibia during the BBA making her the first Namibian tenant to win the reality TV show. The net worth of Dillish Mathews will be how much now? She has invested in many companies with the money she has earned from the BBA spectalcle the artist and entrepreneur has earned $ 300,000 from the celebrity contest is a Namibian.

But his father, a Kenyan soldier with the withdrawal, said he was part of the payroll force of the United Nations assistance group for Kenya’s transition. The net worth of Dillish Mathews is now $ 2.5 million she is engaged in the ice cubes dubbed Dillish Cool Cube the ice churn delivered to the bars or restaurants of the country. Who said that the ice cream trade could not make you a billionaire in FCFA. In 2014 she launched her brand of lipstick and lip gloss.


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