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Hello everyone how are you? Great! In this article we will talk about the most curved women of Africa, these women that we will present in this article are the very embodiment of the African woman.

Among them are none who are lawyer, video model, model and entrepreneur, and most often come from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ivory Coast. It is on this occasion that today we present eight of Africa’s most curved women stay focused.

Ranking of Africa's most curved women

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1- Nikita Guy

Nikita Guy
Nikita Guy

Discover Nikita Guy, a Trinidadian model who has stormed the internet, you’ve probably already seen him somewhere on the internet. She is named after Nikita Guy, a photographic model of Trinidad and Tobago a few weeks ago we came across her photos online. Nikita never planned to be a model, she was always the quiet and collected girl who never did anything with the limelight. She started modeling recently in August 2015 when a photographer J. Hamilton contacted her and offered her a shoot.

She thought it was a crazy idea since there were other tall, thin girls with whom he could have chosen to work. A few years ago she was a chubby girl but decided to go to the gym to lose weight. Who could have imagined that this would help him to be noticed by his future collaborator! After she lost weight critics speculated that her new body was not real. When it comes to her curves do not miss she is not afraid to show what has been blessed to her, which was not the case before. Her Instagram is dotted with her sexy photos of lingerie shots mainly in the woods.

Nikita Guy appears as a sweet, thoughtful girl with big dreams. To be born on an island as beautiful as Trinidad is in itself a blessing, but from what we understand, it takes what life has offered it. What was once an uncertain decision became a big deal for her. She turned down Hamilton who insisted that he could work with her because he saw something in her. She was afraid of the body shame that followed the stereotype that models are supposed to be skinny was a major obstacle at the beginning of her journey.

2- Kwamboka Corazon

Kwamboka Corazon
Kwamboka Corazon

She is a Kenyan citizen, a model an entrepreneur and a lawyer she became famous after her half-naked photos began to make the rounds on the internet. Corazon Kwamboka, the queen of the whore of Nairobi, has been making a name for herself since the publication of sexy photos featuring her curves discovered by Kevine Poue. This sensation overnight caused the mouth drooling and trembling. We met the former law student from the University of Nairobi we are not talking about her fair skin but her brain she not only obtained a second-class degree but she also joined the Kenyan school of raw. Is it naturally shiny or has its beauty and curves earned it a good rating?

I’ve always been an intelligent student since I was a kid. I actually got an A in high school girls She said. Corazon Kwamboka, a former citizen turned political figure, was admitted to the barrot. Alongside 122 lawyers by Supreme Court President David Maraga during a special session of Kenya’s Supreme Court on November 21, 2016. In a previous interview she had stated that she was considering pursuing entertainment law, she also stated in another interview that she feared that her semi-naked photos would not prevent her from practising law. Adding that she used them as a way to promote self-confidence and encourage women to embrace their bodies.

3- Sanchoka


Sanchoka 22 years old nicknamed sanchi-one is a model, an actress, a businesswoman, a CEO, and a media personality she is from Tanzania and has many followers on her Instagram account. It seems that few or no people use the media in Africa, without being aware of the current model that turns heads at every event in Tanzania and in the main African countries. The curves of sanchie have made new celebrities in the media as evidenced by his Instagram followers who are the turn of nine hundred thousand (900,000).

She dived into the aircraft a few years ago and was crowned Miss Bantou Kilimanjaro in 2010, speaking of her growing profile she mentioned that she was a bantu envoy. “I work with major modeling agencies, artists, successful businessmen, photographers, producers and directors” what more can you say about him?

4- Jacqueline Obed

Jacqueline Obed
Jacqueline Obed

Meet Jacqueline-Obed a brave Tanzanian lady so the images have gone viral, Jacqueline-Obed aka pochiqueen on intagaram is a young woman who has a lot of attractive features and she is really cute. The Tanzanian socialist has come to down allegations that she has undergone a hip enlargement in China, the model that counts on her Instagram profile only because of her curves more than 100,000 followers. Said that everything was natural about her body and anything that is said against her should be ignored in a discussion with a local Pochiqueen newspaper had decided to remain silent.

As rumors were mostly peddled by the jealous, the curves of her body could be natural by quickly looking at her mother you can see that she also had a similar body. But it’s also worth noting that in 2017 Jacqueline-Obed wasn’t as seductive as it is today whether it’s fake or real she looks gorgeous maybe people should stop complaining and enjoy the show before it’s too late.

5- Mpho Khati

Mpho Khati

A South African model with generous curves, relentlessly impresses her fans on Instagram with her large back and rounded hips even though shakira sang that her hips don’t go up. She has nothing on this this business model is arguably the best hip woman in South Africa with a wide perimeter the luscious woman has become a topic of discussion on instagram. With fans raving about God’s creativity on the curves of some women and there’s no doubt that we’ve all seen women figure around we’ve also seen celebrities with well-proportioned hips. But this woman has the best hips you will ever see in the stars, forget the common adage that beautiful women are not yet born you have proof here that this claim is false.

6- Pamela Odame

Pamela Odame
Pamela Odame

Pamela Odame watara is undoubtedly a social media sensation the extra-ordinary girl in shape and kenyan colors and Ghanénne is so unique that some people wonder if she is real. However, in an interview she said:“I’m not a doll”born to a Kenyan father and a Ghanaian mother Pamela Odame is currently studying marketing at Wisconsin University in Accra, Ghana. She became famous after joining the photo-sharing platform Instagram where she now has more than 45,000 followers since she generated an online storm that allowed her to land jobs and appear in videos of stars.

7- Yao Eudoxie

Yao Eudoxie
Yao Eudoxie

Blessed with the chassis reaching 60 inches the African kim kardashian claims that her behind is natural Eudoxie Yao claims to have the largest rear train in all of West Africa. As she paraded in the back, Eudoxie Yao had amassed more than 420,000 followers on her Instagram account where she displayed her curves and shapes in photos and in delirious videos. However she opened a second instagram account “Eudoxie Yao 2“then who is Eudoxie Yao? Learn more about her in a short biography: Eudoxie Yao is very secretive about her personal life besides she never revealed her age, her parents, her childhood, her diplomas and her size as much as we know she celebrates her birthday on the 14th June. Eudoxie Yao weighs about 280 kg but she does not fear her weight gain and does not prefer to follow a diet in an interview Eudoxie Yao said:” I’m no diet I try to lose weight on my arms but other than that it’s natural people have laughed at my physique I’ve grown and I acceptit”.

8- Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

If you think you know her then you think badly, this big diva of the whore is reinvented by bleaching and cosmetic surgery according to several sources most people in Kenya will not be able to maintain her lifestyle. Even less to compete with his bank account, perhaps that’s why vera opts for the love of a foreign country Nigeria is one of his favorite countries. Where men are not afraid to spend more than a million dollars for a beautiful woman and most of vera’s friends come from there while Vera Sidika’s biography shows its good side the scandalous part is often left out.


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